first_imgIS IT TRUE just before Mondays nights City Council meeting a Democratic member of Council received unexpected phone call from Council President Missy Mosby?  …its alleged that Ms. Mosby asked the Democratic member of Council to run for Vice President of Council since it was obvious that At-Large Councilman Jonathan Weaver didn’t have the votes to win re-election as Vice President?  …its alleged the main reason why Ms. Mosby wanted the Democratic member of Council to run for Vice President was to stop 5th Ward City Councilman Justin Elpers (R) from being elected as the next Vice President of City Council?  …the rest is history?  …we are extremely pleased that Justin Elpers was elected Vice President of the Evansville City Council because he is honest, intelligent, conservative and an all around good person?IS IT TRUE that a female entrepreneur is reported to have expressed an intention to lease a building to start a business in Evansville and was denied an opportunity to sign the lease unless her husband was also willing to sign?…the landlord in this particular case was to have been the West Side Nut Club, that has been known for fairness, competence, and civic pride for many decades?…if this female had the qualifications to be approved for a lease and was denied the opportunity because of her gender then this issue needs to be revisited by the Nut Club?…if she lacked the qualifications then the City County Observer would like to offer a representative of the West Side Nut Club an opportunity to clear this issue up as gender discrimination is no way to conduct business in this United States?…we await a comprehensive explanation for this situation and hope that the West Side Nut Club is being fair but will not hesitate to condemn such an action if the entrepreneur’s allegations are grounded in truth?IS IT TRUE that Evansville City Councilman Jonathan Weaver was passed over for the prestigious position of Vice President of the City Council for 2017?…the other members of the City Council elected Councilman Justin Elpers to serve in the leadership role over Councilman Weaver?…that Mole #3 tells the City County Observer that many members of the City Council are tired of being embarrassed by the extracurricular activities that Councilman Weaver has a knack for getting himself into?…these extracurricular activities have included alleged violation of a restraining order, excessive partying, and being generally disrespectful of other?…that it is time that Councilman Weaver learned what behavior is expected of public officials and start ,to live that way?..if he can’t do that, he should never run for office again?IS IT TRUE plans are being hatched to finally move the LST to a more accessible location near the new downtown on land Tropicana Casino Complex?…we certainly hope this will give LST related tourism a boost?…having toured the LST on several occasions we can all attest to the historical learning opportunity it offers about Evansville’s role in World War II?  …we also recommend that the City review the legal contracts between them and the”Riecken Family” so their won’t be any financial conflicts between both parties once the boat moves?IS IT TRUE there are some students of the now defunct ITT Technical Institute who are taking their grievances to court in hopes of having their student loans forgiven?…ITT has filed bankruptcy so the entity that received the money is not going to be capable of offering any refunds or assuming the debt?…if these debts are forgiven it will be the taxpayers of the USA who eat the costs?…ITT was known for high prices and credentials of marginal value?…all of that aside there are many former ITT students who did learn a skill and are gainfully employed earning more than they were before they attended ITT?…ITT is not alone among higher education institutions to have debt laden graduates flipping burgers for a living because they pursued a degree with limited commercial value?…whatever standards that ITT is held to, should be enforced on all colleges who are paid but deliver little value?…if these students are granted relief it will open the floodgates and the US taxpayer will be the losers?…we wonder whatever happened to letting the buyer beware (caveat emptor) and letting each person be responsible for their own decisions both good and bad?FOOTNOTE:  Todays “Readers Poll” question is: are you pleased that City Council elected 5th Ward Council member Justin Elpers as the Vice President of that body?FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img