Younger Recap: We’ve All Got Our Monster, and Our Monster’s You

first_img Is your statement jewelry sense tingling? Oh, just us? Whatever, here’s your weekly Younger recap! After last week’s ghost sightings, Liza and the gang battle their own personal monsters: from exes to nightmare clients to certain appendages. Let’s take a look at what happened using our preferred form of communication: emoji and GIFs.SEASON 2, EPISODE 4: “The Jade Crusade”Emoji UpdateMaggie and Lauren’s fling inches closer to being more than a fling, and while Lauren is ready to be “gender monogamous,” Maggie offers sage advice—like a lesbian Madame Armfeldt—on not being tied down at a young age. Kelsey and Liza attempt to pitch Jade Winslow (Justine Lupe), a temperamental, millennial fashion blogger releasing a tell-all and her agent (Michael Urie). Before they can proceed, a crisis of, uh, massive proportions: Diana discovers a shot of Charles in revealing shorts is making the rounds online. Lauren helps get the Empiriconda (yes, it’s named) off the Internet. Maggie reminisces about her ex, Belinda, and by reminisces, we mean stalks on Facebook. Belinda’s now married (to a man) with kids. Liza and Kelsey (and their respective BFs) meet Jade at a bar to woo her, but it’s quickly revealed Josh used to date Jade, cheated on her and now has a drink in his face. As Diana updates Charles on Penisgate, Liza and Kelsey convince Josh to apologize to Jade, and while she doesn’t pass up a second opportunity to throw a drink at him, the girls win her business. Unfortunately, the Empiriconda doesn’t stay down forever, and the infamous pic circulates the Twittersphere.Biggest OMG Moment:When Jade pulled an Anjelica Huston because Josh cheated on her. While the drink in the face was certainly OMG-worthy, what’s equally surprising is Liza’s response. Considering Liza’s marriage ended because her ex-husband was having an affair, the slap on the wrist she gives him before coercing Josh into an apology (so she and Kelsey can win the bidding war) is worrisome; it’s another red flag she sees but doesn’t fully respond to. Although she has 40 years of knowledge and experience, she’s beginning to make more and more decisions (particularly pertaining to Josh) like a 26-year-old.Millennial Glossary:Lumbersexual:(noun) One who wears flannel and looks like a lumberjack but wouldn’t know jackshit about logging. Natural habitat: Williamsburg. See Jade making out with one in a bar for reference.Gen X Glossary:Fly Girls:(noun) The dance troupe that brought mad moves to the ‘90s sketch series In Living Color, and marked the professional debut of Jennifer Lopez. Ms. Lopez has had a substantial career since—like starring opposite Kristin Chenoweth in the 2015 film The Boy Next Door. Word of advice, Liza: this reference won’t go over well with the likes of Josh and Kelsey.Moment That Made Us Go:This is us trying to tally how many euphemisms for Charles’ “Empiriconda” Diana comes up with in this episode: “Matter.” “Situation.” “Meat.” “Generous endowment.” OK, these are barely euphemisms at this point. Let’s just go with “eggplant” and stick with that.Diana’s Statement Jewelry Update!No, Diana did not wear a statement necklace this week, but before you protest, check out her Alexander McQueen skull scarf, previously seen on the likes of Mary-Kate Olsen, Kim Kardashian and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Wait, between all the drink-throwing and the power scarf-wearing, are we sure this ISN’T Smash? View Comments Sutton Foster & Justine Lupe in ‘Younger’ (Photo: TV Land)last_img