Oversight Panel releases Vermont Yankee reliability report

first_imgNorthstar Vermont Yankee,In January 2010, legislative leadership reconvened the Vermont Yankee Oversight Panel to re-evaluate its reliability assessment of Vermont Yankee because Entergy repeatedly provided incorrect information to the Panel, which called into question the Panel’s original report. In the meantime, those who support relicensing the nuclear power plant in Vernon say the report shows once again that it can be operated reliably for an extended period of time.Legislative leadership directed the Panel to reexamine the conclusions of its March 2009 Report in light of misinformation provided by Entergy Louisiana.  As a result of its review, the Panel has concluded that there are “serious deficiencies” that must be addressed before an assurance of reliability can be met.  The Panel found several significant areas of concern with the plant and its management.”Vermont deserves better than what Entergy Louisiana is offering. The plant’s 2012 retirement date has been scheduled since it was built, giving its out-of-state corporate owners years to make their case. They have failed,” said Senate President Shumlin. “Instead, they have misled us and attempted to evade their responsibilities for clean-up costs. This report, further demonstrates, that the Vermont Senate made the correct decision to close the aging plant on schedule in its vote this year.”The Vermont Energy Partnership, on the other hand, also today issued the following statement in conjunction with the Oversight Panel’s updated report.“Today’s Public Oversight Panel Supplemental Report provides updated guidance in several key areas, and reaffirms the central finding of the original 2009 report: that Vermont Yankee can be operated reliably beyond 2012. The Partnership hopes that this central conclusion is given due consideration as Vermont policy makers consider relicensing in the coming months.“Of particular note, the report notes that Vermont Yankee just completed a long stretch without an unplanned shutdown, stating, ‘Operating 531 days without shutting down was a considerable reliability achievement’.”Vermont Yankee has also been exhaustively scrutinized from a safety and reliability standpoint by the independent US Nuclear Regulatory Commission and consistently attained high safety ratings.  This, too, is very important but often overlooked information.”The Vermont Energy Partnership (www.vtep.org(link is external)) is a group of more than 90 business, labor, and community leaders committed to finding clean, affordable and reliable electricity solutions. Entergy, owner of Vermont Yankee, is a member of the Vermont Energy Partnership.The Oversight Panel was designed to further transparency, public oversight and the public’s involvement in the reliability assessment of the plant.  The Panel’s report reiterated many of the significant concerns regarding the reliability of Vermont Yankee as in the 2009 report.  The report found that, “Entergy cannot operate VY reliably for an additional 20 years unless it successfully reestablishes a corporate culture where its individual employees and the organization as a whole have questioning attitude, and where adequate resources are consistently spent on non-safety systems.”“As we pursue a reliable, clean and affordable energy future it is critical that Vermonters are assured of the reliability and credibility of those running this aging nuclear plant,” said Speaker Smith.  “The cultural norms that allowed personnel to repeatedly make misstatements call into question ENVY’s trustworthiness as an organization”  “The Panel’s continued concerns about further operation of the plant are significant and not easily resolved,” said Senator Lyons. “In particular the inadequate resources for preventive maintenance, lack of ongoing investigation, and questioning by management show an organization wide breakdown that cannot be fixed overnight. This represents aging management of an aging unreliable plant.”7.20.2010 AttachmentSize Vermont_Yankee_Supplemental_Report_072010.pdf831.97 KBlast_img