The essence of tourism and family accommodation in Mimice and Medići

first_imgA destination that offers crystal clear sea, beautiful pebble beaches and typical Mediterranean flora and fauna. Imagine your morning coffee on the beach with the sounds of the waves and the chirping of birds from the nearby pine trees. Then an afternoon swim and catch a bright red color and some beer in one of the nearby restaurants. Then a walk at sunset, then dinner in an apartment or in one of the restaurants in the village.Sounds familiar?Probably, since it is a typical day in many Dalmatian smaller places. Could it be otherwise? Can our guests experience something they can’t in most smaller tourist spots? Can I return to my country full of experience? Can I have such an experience talking about it to my friends? Can I come back again without the reason being just the sun and the sea?Guided by these issues, the landlords founded the Naše Vale Association, whose goal is to provide a different experience of the destination. Three years ago, a group of enthusiasts from Mimice and Medići founded an association that brings something new to the small but special destination of Medići through various events. From Gastro evenings, traditional fishing evenings, concerts, a trip to a nearby mountain and various other events have given this destination a new identity. The association organizes about thirty events over the three months of the season, so almost all guests can attend at least one event. When I say Association, let me repeat, I mean the hosts themselves in the family accommodation.The association functions primarily because of the good will and perseverance of its members with the common goal of being different from others. “We decided to establish the Association of providers of tourist accommodation in the household, or renters of accommodation facilities to tourists from Mimice and Medic, primarily because we care that our places are better, more beautiful, better organized in every way, that those who rent give their contribution in all segments related to tourism as well as to provide them with better working conditions”Points out Frane Medić, one of the members of the Association and a host in family accommodation from Medić and adds that the Association is financed through membership fees of renters and donations from the Tourist Board of Omiš, individuals and several sponsors.What the Association offers as a product is based on the autochthony of Dalmatia. It offers what we are – our tradition, gastronomy, culture and way of life. This is, above all, manifested through various dishes that members of the association prepare themselves. From Brudet, black risotto, baked sardines are just a part of the specialties that are prepared at events organized by the Association.To make the experience even bigger, klapas perform at some of the evenings. In addition to klapas, the Association also organizes several concerts of “serious” music, and at the end of August a traditional fishing evening is organized which lasts for two days. “On the first day, fishermen gather, prepare fishing tools and cast longlines in the evening. In the morning, after the longlines are taken out, the fishermen bring the catch to be weighed and the caught fish is prepared. In the evening, the festivities continue with the performance of the klapa. At the beginning of August, under the auspices of the association, the Omis Pirates Attack on Mimice and Medići is organized. Such an attack was held for the first time last summer and proved to be a complete success. A trip to the hill of Omiška Dinara provides an opportunity for locals and tourists to get to know the beauties of this small but very interesting hill. Every summer, the association rewards tourists who come here for 15 or more years with appropriate gifts. ” Medić concludes.A very nice example of how tourists are appreciated who, in addition to all other places, have chosen this destination and return there from year to year. And they do not return because of the perfect accommodation, the sea, the location… no, but precisely because of this relationship and experience generated by the hosts themselves in the family accommodation. That something, as they would say, and in this case that something is very measurable and concrete. Guests in Medici feel like people, not like numbers. And this is exactly the difference between private landlords or real estate agents and hosts in family accommodation.”Feel at home “it should be a message to guests, but also a real feeling in family accommodation. To be a good host of family accommodation, you have to be a genuinely good man, you have to love people. Money must not come first. In the first place, there must be guests to whom maximum attention should be paid. That is why a community of people of good will is needed to “build” a street, a neighborhood, a settlement, a place… ” he said Nedo Pinezić, the first man of family tourism in Croatia. I think that this positive example in our context is the closest to what Pinezic said. This is one positive example of how the local population can take matters into their own hands and completely change the image of one destination.And finally, I must remind you that this is just a continuation of the great story of local people who took the fate of tourism in Medici in their hands and made something special and unique in the history of our tourism. So two years ago they made a promotional film of their own funded, and to make the story even better, they themselves were the actors in the video.In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”Take a look at the whole story of how the promotional film about the Medici was made HERElast_img