Electric boats as new tourist products of the Krka National Park

first_imgElectric catamarans, worth HRK 5.807.000,00, were built at the Dalmont doo shipyard in Kraljevica.  Visovac and Miljevci are two new electric catamarans in the Krka National Park.  Each of the ships has a total capacity of fifty passengers and two crew members, and on deck space is provided to accommodate two people in wheelchairs. Ships are built of aluminum of high quality and strength, which is imperative when it comes to water quality of the Krka River and environmental factors that must be met in order for the living world to develop undisturbed by human presence. Photo: NP Krka The new ships on the roof structure have a solar power plant, which will provide additional autonomy of ten hours in the summer months. With an average of 2 hours of sunshine a year in Šibenik and 647 in Knin, the Krka National Park is one of the sunniest areas in Croatia, so insolation, as an environmentally friendly and significant source of renewable energy, is an ideal solution for long-term sustainable development.  Ivan Ivić, director and owner of the Kraljevica shipyard. “The electric boats Visovac and Miljevci are not only the first of their kind to sail on the river Krk and Lake Visovac, but they are also the first electric catamarans produced in our shipyard. The production of environmentally friendly ships has enriched the centuries-old experience of the shipyard and we are especially proud of the fact that Croatian electric ships will sail through the Croatian National Park and help preserve its widely known riches and beauties.”, Ivic emphasized. The project of procurement of electric boats, which was presented today at Roški slap, is part of a wider project Unknown Krka: hidden treasures of the upper and middle course of the river Krka, aimed at sustainable development and preservation of the Krka River ecosystem. “Electric ships are the most acceptable environmental solution, especially when it comes to protected areas. All our activities in the Public Institution ‘Krka National Park’ are focused on the implementation of quality solutions that have a long-term impact on the conservation and protection of biodiversity of the Krka River and we are glad that we have successfully implemented this valuable project, signed by Croatian shipbuilders. “, pointed out the director of the Public Institution “Krka National Park” Nella Slavica and added: “Electric ships were built according to the latest and highest environmental and technological standards, which once again confirmed the centuries-old art of Croatian shipbuilding.”  Electric catamarans will start transporting the first excursionists as early as April, when all facilities in the Park open.  last_img