Travel agencies will still be included in the Cro card project?

first_img“In the last month, we have held a couple of meetings with the Ministry of Tourism on this topic and we believe that our arguments are respected, given the statements of Minister Cappelli in some media where he mentions that travel agencies will be included in the Croatian Tourist Card project” zaključuje Fain. It will be introduced on June 01 Cro card through which employers will be able to pay the amount of 2.500 kuna (non-taxable) and which will be allowed to spend exclusively on payment for tourist and catering services. Moramo se prije svega osvrnuti na činjenicu da je Hrvatska turistička kartica projekt koji se počeo pripremati prije 3 i pol godine, ali će njegova  primjena, nažalost, započeti u najgore moguće vrijeme, ističe Tomislav Fain, predsjednik UHPA-e te dodao kako smatra da je tzv. Cro kartica dobar projekt koji treba razvijati i od kojeg će hrvatski turizam tek u budućnosti imati veće koristi. Unfortunately, travel agencies are not included in the Cro card project. To comment on why travel agencies are not included in the project, we asked the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies (UHPA), which brings together about 230 regular member agencies and tour operators and about a hundred associate members from the hotel, transport, vocational education and other institutions and associations related to tourism. . In the end, Fain is optimistic and believes that travel agencies will be involved in the Cro card project. “We on behalf of UHPA welcome this project although we are aware that this year, when we were ravaged by the Covid-19 pandemic, we cannot expect a large number of employers to pay their employees to the card, which they can use for tourism purposes. However, I am happy with the very thought that there are employers who, in addition to regular income, will have the financial strength to pay up to HRK 2.500 to their Cro card.” Još u veljači su iz Ministarstva turizma predstavili projekt Cro karticu UHPA-i, a kao moguće korisnike naveli kategorije smještaja i djelatnost pripreme i usluživanja hrane i pića, navodi Fain te dodaje: “Of course, this was not acceptable to us and we immediately took the position that travel agencies should be involved in the project. After the meeting, we sent a letter to the Ministry of Tourism in which we once again stated all the reasons why it should be possible to pay with a Cro card in travel agencies. One of the biggest arguments is private renters with whom our members have intensive cooperation. As we know, the vast majority of private renters do not have a POS device, which is a technical condition for participating in the project. This means that private renters themselves cannot participate in the project if travel agencies are not involved. Also, all those to whom the employer would pay funds on the Cro card, would not be able to use the services of private landlords, which puts private landlords in a subordinate position” ističe Fain. last_img