Nautics: The total number of charter guests fell by 65 percent

first_imgIn particular, the decline in more northern marinas such as Punta or Marina Veruda is at the level of 54 percent, while Dubrovnik or Agana have a decline of 85 percent. Central Dalmatia (Sibenik and Zadar) hold 45 percent of last year’s turnover.  As the season progresses, the number of tourists increases, and so Croatian nautics records better results, especially in July. If we exclude data on mini cruisers, the total decline since the beginning of the year is 59 percent, while in the seventh month there was a decline of only 25 percent. “The changes in the structure of guests are great, Americans, English, French and Scandinavians have practically disappeared in the area of ​​Šibenik, but Croats, Slovenes, Austrians and Germans have done much more. The northern Adriatic has the least loss, and the further south we go, the more difficult the situation becomes. Dubrovnik is totally cut off. There is again the same denominator – airplanes”, He explained Paško Klisović, President of the Association of Vessel Accommodation Providers – charter of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. On the other hand, small multi-day cruise ships had 2019 guests in the first seven months of 48.587, and only 2020 guests in 2.690, a drop of almost 95 percent.center_img From the beginning of the year to July 30, 28.400 foreign yachts and boats were recorded, up 67 percent from the same period last year (42.700). For yachts longer than 20 meters, better results are recorded – 669 arrivals in 2020, which is 83 percent compared to 2019, when 780 arrivals of such yachts were recorded. The total number of charter guests dropped by 65 percent, so in the first seven months of this year we were visited by 112.810 charterers, while in the same period last year the number was 317.700. last_img