Senior Leadership

first_imgAfter talking with groups of seniors from Batesville, Jac-Cen-Del and South Ripley and listening to other coaches describe their senior athletes, I am even more certain now that our future leadership is in good hands.  When you listen to these young athletes describe what they have accomplished in high school and what they hope to do in the future, your faith in the younger generation is restored.There are always those gloom and doom people who tell you how bad our schools are.  When I interview these young people, I do not get the same idea.  They do the normal education things that all of us expect, but the extras that they do in and outside the schools are amazing.  One quick example is the future business group from OA (3 senior basketball players) who recently competed in a business contest at Ball State University.  They were going for a large monetary prize to benefit their school.Even those who were not planning to attend 4-year colleges have definite ideas of what they plan to do and are as articulate as the college bound.  Examples would be those going to the military and trade schools which fits their needs better than the 4-year college.last_img