UW coming up on year’s finish

first_imgJEFF SCHORFHEIDE/Herald photoWith just two games between the University of Wisconsinmen?s basketball team and a regular season conference championship, the Badgershave started to focus on what a Big Ten title would mean.?It?s first. This is the first thing where they allow you tocut down nets or to celebrate a championship,? head coach Bo Ryan said in hisMonday press conference. ?How important is the conference championship? It?sthe most important because it?s what we?re in right now.?UW is currently in the middle of a six-day layoff that givesthe team a chance to rest up before the final regular season games.?We?ll find out how useful it is when we play,? Ryan said.?We had some guys nicked up a bit, and they needed some tender love and care.?As for where the Badgers stand heading into postseason play,Ryan is fairly confident about his team?s chances of success.?Defensively our guys buy into what it takes. You?ve got toplay hard on each possession,? Ryan said. ?I just like where we are right now,and I?m thinking Big Ten, and I?m not thinking anything past that.?With 24 wins already, the Badgers are essentially assured aNCAA tournament bid at this point, and Ryan acknowledged that all a team needsis a chance.?If you?re in [the NCAA tournament] you can win it, and I?mnot the first one to say it.?Big Ten network affects seasonThe launch of the Big Ten Network this year has had bothpositive and negative impacts on the Badgers this season.On the plus side, it gives potential recruits moreopportunities to see Wisconsin play, as the team had 19 games televised on thestation this year.?I think they have, for the ones that have been able to getit,? Ryan said of whether recruits have been able to track the team?s games.However, due to the network?s scheduling, the Badgers havehad to deal with unfavorable game times.?The only thing that might have hurt us a little bit ishaving those late games on the road,? Ryan said. ?I think exposure-wise westill get plenty, but I think it?s just the time on those late games, I don?tknow if they can ever change it ? but the concept [of the network] is obviouslyvery good.??Bronson?s contributions notedOn Wednesday, Wisconsin?s four seniors ? Brian Butch,Michael Flowers, Greg Stiemsma and Tanner Bronson ? will all play their finalgame at the Kohl Center.While the contributions of Butch, Flowers and Stiemsma areall reflected on the stat sheet, Bronson, who has only played 25 minutes allseason, has affected the team in a different way.?Tanner Bronson, all-time captain of the scout-team,? Ryan said.?Every day he came ready to do the job, and when he?s on the bench he?scoaching.?He knows what the [opposing] team is going to run, andhe?ll yell it out. ? Tanner is pretty sharp.??Play of Krabbenhoft critical to successIt seems the play of junior Joe Krabbenhoft has been a topicof conversation after every game this season. For the year Krabbenhoft isaveraging 7.1 points and 6.5 rebounds per game and leads the team with 2.75assists per game.?A lot of things have been said about Joe, and they?re alltrue,? Ryan said. ?He?s that kind of guy. He?s the kind of guy everyone wantson their team. If I?m playing pickup I want Joe. ? I?m glad he?s with us.?last_img