Parejo: “Few people talk about how exposed we were in the tie against Atalanta”

first_imgHe was talking about conceded goals, do you understand that after Garay’s injury, a central defender was not signed?Everyone knows that the club always tries to improve, and in that sense an attempt was made to sign a central defender after the injury of Garay. But, if it is already difficult to find players of the Valencia level, the limitations of the regulations in these cases make the mission even more complicated.Garay’s was one of many injuries the team has suffered this season. In fact you are one of the few who has not suffered one. But, do they have an explanation for so many injuries? Do they blame them only on bad luck? Has it mentally taken their toll to see that there were always colleagues in the infirmary every week?I’m not a doctor or a physical trainer, but injuries affect all teams, especially those who play such demanding competitions as the LaLiga and the Champions League. In my opinion, bad luck is evident with injuries like Piccini, Garay or even chicken pox Florenzi. When you are reduced by bad luck, there are fewer rotation options and that means an extra effort for others. Mentally, more than taking our toll, it has taught us to be stronger.The last and solidarity. You did not hesitate to take the glove that Sergio Canales threw at you and join you, the staff and also the club and the VCF Foundation, in an initiative to raise funds for the fight against Covid-19.Clear. Right now we all have to shoulder our shoulders and it seemed like a good initiative to the team. We do not hesitate. We decided that our donation would go to Casa Caridad Valencia for the work they do locally and because we want to help in some way all those who support us day by day. We wanted to contribute our grain of sand to those most in need. I think the world of football is very sensitive when bad times come and is very supportive. No. I like to take care of myself and I think I still have rope for a while. Season by season I am one of those who plays the most minutes and, fortunately, I do not resent or pay for it with injuries. I hope to finish this season at a good level and achieve the objective of the Champions League. The next one we will face in the best possible way, with club-level objectives and, of course, with the hope of playing that Euro Cup. If I do things well at Valencia, I will surely have options to go. There are 11 days left and they are seventh. Do you think they will become Champions again?I trust the team, the ability to fight and that if we compete as we know we will be there. Reaching the Champions League places depends on ourselves because we are five teams in five points and there are still 33 at stake and many direct confrontations. It will not be easy, but I want to play the next Champions League and I am going to leave my skin for it.A two-sided Valencia has been seen this year. For example in the Champions. One in London or Amsterdam and one in the tie against Atalanta, why? What happened to them?We had a bad day at San Siro, they were very successful and the tie went very uphill, but I think Valencia is more like London or Amsterdam. That is the face that we must show when the official competition resumes to fight for the objectives that we have set ourselves.Do you see that criticism is focused on the figure of Albert Celades?It is never fair to focus criticism on one person. In a soccer team, we all win and lose. Players and coaching staff. We all share merit when things are done well and we have our share of responsibility when a game does not go well. Just as I say it of the mister I say it of any companion. When they score goals it is everyone’s responsibility, not just the defenders. And the same when we put them. We are a team and it is the result of everyone’s work. Dani Parejo (Coslada, 1989) relates his confinement to AS by email. The captain of one of the clubs most affected by COVID-19, a footballer who remembers with “great respect” that Atalanta-Valencia of San Siro, a match qualified in Italy as “Biological bomb” and a tie that time has left in evidence that “should not have been disputed”. Parejo, who remembers that Valencia was one of the pioneers when it came to taking action, sends a message so that we all stay home and so “help all those who are risking their lives for us.”Parejo trusts, wishes, that soccer resumes soon and the season can be ended, although as long as “everyone’s health is assured”. 11 days remaining and Parejo aspires to achieve one of the places that give access to the next edition of the Champions League. The Madrid midfielder, who sees it unfair to focus criticism for the team’s latest results on the figure of Albert Celades, makes use of the numbers to remember that “there are five teams in a five-point corsage and that there are 33 at stake” . Such reflections make them convinced that his train for the next Eurocup, although it has been postponed to 2021 (when he had turned 32), much less have I lost it. “I have a hard time fighting to be in the Euro Cup.” “Criticism of Celades? It is never fair to focus criticism on one person; in a team we all win and lose” “ Dani Parejo, at his home in Valencia during confinement.DAILY AS (DAILY AS) How is a footballer, especially as the team captain, that 35% of the first team (players and staff) have tested positive for coronavirus?We have to take it easy. The club has made every effort to avoid contagion, has even gone ahead of official measures, but still could not be avoided. Now it is time to be next to those who have been infected, encourage them and trust that everything will turn out well.You have had the Covid-19 present in your lives since you returned from Milan. In fact, Valencia was a pioneer in taking “isolation” measures. Still they have not been able to avoid the contagion. A clear example that this is only controlled by staying one at home.Yes, it has touched us very closely and that is why we are so aware. All of Europe must have learned from what happened in China. Now we have to listen to the authorities and stay at home, which is the surest way to stop the transmission and thus help all those who are risking their lives for us.In Italy, scientists describe the Atalanta-Valencia as a biological bomb. Does it make you dizzy to think of that match in those terms?It gives a lot of respect, but we only fulfill our obligation. Talking now is advantageous, but maybe even that Champions League game shouldn’t have been played. What I am sure of is that the tie was not played on equal terms.Have you ever thought about what you played, where you were or with whom during those days in Milan? These days you have a lot of time to turn your head and think about everything you did. For example, very few people talk about how exposed the players and the club workers were in that tie.You have appealed to your teammates to stay at a suitable weight, your message implies that you hope that the season can end, is that correct?All players want the season to end, but not at any price. The first thing is the health and safety of everyone. From the first fan to the last player. When this can be guaranteed, let’s go back. And when we return we have to do it in the best conditions. So we can not neglect these days. You have to be responsible and work, eat and rest as indicated in the club.How is this break affecting them physically?It is a strange thing. We had never stopped at this point for a month (at least) so you have to adapt to the situation. It is not easy, but with professionalism we can all return in good condition. It is evident that later we will need a few days to catch the tone and rhythm of the competition, but it will be easier if we comply in our homes.How is your day to day confinement?Now we have at our disposal many hours that day to day do not allow us to spend at home and with our loved ones. I am trying to take advantage of it to spend a lot of time with my children and my wife and to learn new things. I want this quarantine to be productive for me on a personal level. We are going to learn a lot of things in life, but I also want to learn more things “about walking around the house.” It’s never too late. “I see myself with rope to fight to be in the Eurocopa” Speaking of getting late. The Eurocopa will catch you at the age of 32, do you fear that the train may have escaped due to your postponement?last_img