Where are the 2018 U-20 world runners-up?

first_imgThe August 24, 2018, Spain he played his first final of a U-20 World Cup. La Rojita, after a great championship with Patri Pebble of great team leader and Tasting Coll As a hero of the semifinal, she faced Japan in the grand finale. However, the Japanese took advantage of the losses of the Spanish (Aitana, Ona Batlle and Lucía García did not play) to overtake Spain and leave it with the honey on the lips. A bittersweet silver for the 21 players, most of whom are important in First Iberdrola.Tasting Coll (Seville, First Iberdrola): The goalkeeper, then at Collerense, was signed by Barcelona for five seasons. However, without a place in the Catalan team, the Majorcan was transferred to Seville, where she is being one of the revelations of the championship. He has played a total of 18 games this season. In that World Cup he was still 17 years old, but he took the goal of La Rojita.Mass (Sports, First Iberdrola): After having almost no minutes at Atlético, María Isabel, better known as Misa, packed her bags to sign for the newly promoted Depor. In the A Coruña team he has alternated in goal with Esther Sullastres, playing twelve Primera Iberdrola matches so far this season.Noelia Ramos (Seville, First Iberdrola): The talented goalkeeper left Granadilla in search of new challenges. He went through Levante and last season he signed for Sevilla, where he has not finished having continuity. This champion has only been able to play four games with great competition for the position with Sara Serrat and Cata Coll.Ona Batlle (Levante, First Iberdrola): It is one of the great promises of Spanish football and even Jorge Vilda called her to play the SheBelieves Cup, where a great role came together. The talented side. Undisputed in Levante, where he signed two seasons ago from Madrid CFF, he has added 20 games this year and has scored two goals.Berta Pujadas (Valencia, First Iberdrola): The central signed this season for Valencia after debuting in the top flight with Espanyol. In the Valencian team she is a fixture and has played 20 games, 18 of them as a starter, plus a Copa de la Reina match. He has scored a goal so far.Laia Aleixandri (Atlético, Primera Iberdrola): The central one gained a place in eleven in France when it was already a starter with Atlético. The arrival of Sánchez Vera made him the leader of the rojiblanca defense, where he is essential. This season he has played 20 matches, one for the Queen’s Cup, one for the Spanish Super Cup and four for the Champions League, scoring a goal.Andrea Sierra (Athletic, Primera Iberdrola): The Basque player is still on the team that debuted, Athletic. Last season was an important piece, but with the arrival of Villacampa it has lost prominence. Even so, he has played eleven league games, eight of them as a starter, has already scored a goal.Carmen Menayo (Atlético, Primera Iberdrola): The left back is another of Atlético’s essentials since he arrived from Santa Teresa. The Extremaduran, who started as a central defender, was one of the leaders of that World Cup and in Atlético has played this season 18 league games, one for the Queen’s Cup, another for the Super Cup and three for the Champions League, scoring a goal.Lucía Rodríguez (Real Sociedad, First Iberdrola): The lateral played the entire championship played and despite this it was very important. After debuting in First with Madrid CFF, last year he signed for Real Sociedad, where he owns the right wing. This course he has played 21 league games and both in the Spanish Super Cup. Pauleta (Albacete Foundation, Iberdrola Challenge): The midfielder left Valencia, the team where he formed, two seasons ago to test at the Albacete Foundation. In the La Mancha team, he is being very important and is trying to return to the top flight after relegation last year. Dámaris (Athletic, Primera Iberdrola): Despite his young age, he is a bulwark in Athletic’s midfield. The Basque was already fixed in the rojiblanco team in that World Cup and since then it has become essential. He has played 20 games this year and has scored two goals, in addition to the two cup-winners. She ends her contract this summer and is one of the players most coveted by the greats.Patri Guijarro (Barcelona, ​​First Iberdrola): She was the great leader of that team and the Golden Ball of the championship. She has managed to make a place for herself in Barcelona, ​​where she is one of the most important footballers in the last two years. At 21 years old, he is a starter with the Absolute Selection with which he went to the World Cup in France and fixes on his team where he has 26 games between the four competitions.Paula Fernández (Rayo Vallecano, First Iberdrola): The descent of Malaga forced him to change airs to continue in the top flight. He signed for Rayo, where he is having minutes with 20 games played so far, thirteen of them as a starter and a goal scored.Maite Oroz (Athletic, Primera Iberdrola): The midfielder remains one of the great talents of national soccer. At the moment, she has played everything in the league, the 21 starting games plus the two Cup matches. As her partner, she ends her contract this summer and is one of the players that the greats covet for their future projects.Aitana Bonmati (Barcelona, ​​First Iberdrola): She was one of the team’s leaders, but the controversial expulsion in the semifinal against France left her without an end. The Catalan continues to grow and, despite the competition, is having great importance in Barcelona. In addition, it is fixed in the calls of Jorge Vilda and also attended the World Cup in France. He has 27 games and seven goals in the four competitions.Silvia Rubio (Madrid CFF, Primera Iberdrola): The midfielder is also a fixture of the highest category and continues at Madrid CFF, with which she debuted. This season he has 19 First Iberdrola matches with one goal scored plus two Copa de la Reina matches.Eva Navarro (Levante, First Iberdrola): She is one of the most projected players in the country. She played the World Cup at 17 years old, she has already been called by Jorge Vilda to play with the absolute and is fixed in the highest category. It is his second season at Levante where he has played 20 games this season and has scored eight goals. Gold was also hung in the U-17 World Cup a few months later.Núria Rábado (Deportivo, Primera Iberdrola): He achieved promotion to the top flight last season with Depor and this season has been one of the great revelations of the campaign. Versatile, he has played lateral and midfielder depending on what Manu Sánchez asked him and always fully complying. He has played 17 First Iberdrola matches and two in the Queen’s Cup.Candela Andújar (Barcelona, ​​First Iberdrola): The versatile player is a wild card for Cortés at Barcelona in his third season in the first team. The same can act extreme, front and side. This course he was having more minutes with 15 games played in the First Iberdrola, one in the Queen’s Cup and four in the Champions League.Lucía García (Athletic, Primera Iberdrola): The talented Athletic forward is essential in his team and is a fixture for Jorge Vilda in the absolute. In fact, he went to the World Cup in France where he played four games and scored a goal. An injury prevented him from being important in this U-20 World Cup. With the Basque team this season he has 18 games and nine goals, despite injuries.Claudia Pina (Barcelona, ​​First Iberdrola): It is one of the pearls of the Spanish quarry, but this season it has barely enjoyed minutes. In Barcelona he has only played 144 minutes between the four competitions and has not seen a door. Of course, he is having minutes with the subsidiary.last_img