The Bundesliga has an official return date: Saturday, May 16

first_imgFans from Germany and around the world are looking forward to May 16. It will be the day that the ball rolls again in the Bundesliga, made it official during the day on Thursday the president of the German league federation DFL, Christian Seifert. When asked why the return of the maximum German competition had been decreed for the 16th and not, as originally planned, for the 15th, Seifert was blunt: “We take as reference the literal nature of the decision taken yesterday by the government. As is known, the policy used the expression from the second half of May “. German meticulousness in its purest style.The risk is still there. Seifert revealed that there had been two more positive cases after the second round of tests that passed the 36 clubs of the first and second Teutonic decisions at the beginning of the week, but the health plan prepared by the federation on which the insurance is based will continue to elapse for the remaining nine days in the Bundesliga. “” We are talking about a concept that can serve as a blueprint for everyone, “said Seifert, who was relieved during the entire press conference offered by the leader of the competition body in the Federal Republic. It had been a convulsive and difficult week for everyone. But now soccer returns. And he does it in a big way, with a Ruhr derby between Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04 that will kick off with the following clashes: Leipzig-Freiburg, Hoffenheim-Hertha, Augsburg-Wolfsburg, Frankfurt-Gladbach, all set for next Saturday. The twenty-sixth day, following the chronological order established until the Bundesliga stoppage in March, will continue with the Cologne-Mainz and Union-Bayern duels on Sunday. Bremen and Bayer Leverkusen will close on Monday night. “Everyone must be clear that we play on parole. I hope that each and every one fulfills his responsibilitySeifert stressed.It will start with this calendar:Saturday, May 16:-Borussia Dortmund- Schalke (15:30)-RB Leipzig – Freiburg (3:30 p.m.)-Hoffenheim – Hertha (15:30)-Düsseldorf – Paderborn (3:30 p.m.)-Augsburg – Wolfsburg (3:30 p.m.)-Eintracht – B. Mönchengladbach (18:30)Sunday, May 17:-Colonia – Mainz (3:30 p.m.)-Berlin Union – Bayern Munich (6:00 p.m.)Monday, May 18:Werder Bremen – Leverkusen (8:30 p.m.)The main objective, as long as the virus respects the course of the competition, is still to finish the season before June 30, moment in which a series of contracts in the Bundesliga expire. For it, the federation calculates to dispute the last day the weekend of June 27 and 28, that is, two days before the deadline. If one or more players on the team get sick, the club will continue with the obligation to appear if it has a minimum of players to play the match. The DFL will also speak to FIFA to allow teams to make up to a total of five changes per game. At the moment, they are castles in the air. What matters is that football returns. There’s just one week left.Check here the competition calendar.last_img