‘Our Economy Will be Restored to its Full Potential’

first_imgShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has said that the economy of Liberia will be restored to its full potential, where all citizens will benefit equally from their nation’s resources.The Liberian leader made the assertion Wednesday, May 28, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where she delivered her nationwide address on the state of the Liberian economy.According to the President, in order to restore Liberia’s economy to its full potentials effort will require changes in officials, prosecutions of offenders, challenges to partners, as well as reforms in policies and actions.Based on that, President Sirleaf said it would require various branches of government to continuously working together for the common good of those they were elected to serve.She stated that the country’s economy needs to be expanded to ensure that all Liberians participate in order to break down the walls of monopolies.“This is why all of us have determined and agreed that by the year 2030, more Liberians must have climbed from poverty to prosperity,” she indicated.“It therefore means that each of us (government) and private sector, civic society and non-governmental organizations, legislators and judges, community leaders and the media, students and workers – each of us, without necessarily compromising the demands of our individual callings, must also continue to act in ways that will ensure that ever so increasingly, more Liberians are enabled to work for and earn a decent living,” the President stated.Madam Sirleaf said Liberians should not just wait for a government job but must be empowered to own their own businesses and employ others.“Through these self-empowerment initiatives, more Liberians will be able to pay their bills, send their children to school, care for their families, travel if they desire,” she added.Madam Sirleaf noted that the Liberian economy remains fundamentally strong and poised to achieve its status among the comity of nations.“We will pass a budget. We will do this not because we will agree on everything the budget will contain, but because the overall leadership of our country remains in total agreement on a shared responsibility to lift all Liberians.”She said, however, that the economy is people. People in private business, people in official entities, must play their roles without prejudice in pursuing their goals.Notwithstanding these serious efforts, the rate of growth projected for 2014 is at 5.8 percent, which falls short of the growth rate projected in the Agenda for Transformation that calls for at least 8 percent annual growth rate “if “we are to stay on track in becoming a middle-income country by 2030.”last_img