Dr. Barnes Urges Church to Allow Women in Leadership

first_imgDr. Dawn Cooper Barnes, Managing Partner Aurora Solutions, have called on church leaders to give women the opportunity to serve in key positions in their local churches.Dr. Barnes made the statement Sunday, May 25, when she served as guest speaker at the Thankful Baptist Church in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.Speaking on the theme “Why Should the Church Give Women an Equal Chance to Serve as Leaders?” she said for centuries women have been severely marginalized when it comes to key positions.“Women have played the part of followers rather than leaders. But in early days of Christianity, the status of women was equal to that of men. Like Mary Magdalene in the bible, she led a group of women who provided for Jesus and his followers using her own financial resources. When given the chance, women will do as Mary Magdalene did during her time,” she stated.While there are millions of practicing Christians out there, Dr. Barnes is of the strong opinion that only a few Christians are truly practicing Christianity.“To be a practicing Christian, one must strive to be like Jesus. Above or else, Jesus was a servant. He came into the world not to dominate His friends but to serve them. As believers, we should ask ourselves everyday, ‘How can I contribute to someone’s happiness,’” Dr. Cooper further said.She said churches, governments and civil societies have an obligation to include women in all aspects of leadership and decision-making.“If women are equally prepared to follow the teachings of Jesus and to be witnesses to the risen Christ, then we can be trusted to carry our equal share of responsibility in making a better life for our family, church, our country and our world.”“Just as not all men are worthy of being role models in our lives, not every woman is an appropriate role model. If the church is to be our spiritual guide, then churches must carefully select their women leaders. No one is perfect except God.”“Our leaders must be individuals, males and females that we can trust. They must show themselves, loving, fair minded and humbled,” she added.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img