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first_imgRe “DWP: L.A.’s best jobs” (Sept. 30): Regarding DWP pay scales, the welfare and job satisfaction of the people who reliably bring water and electric power to my house and take less pleasant things away is important to me. If you are going to publish their pay scales, please also publish the pay scales of everyone at your newspaper, in the interests of fairness. – Mike Gockel Northridge Like other folks I got back in town just in time to see our folks downtown grab, root and growl in figuring out ways to tax us once again. I am amazed that we just stand around and let it happen. I say tax the apartment dwellers $40 a unit instead of the homeowners because that’s where the gangs live. I say take $10 from every employee in the DWP and then go after every LAUSD employee who has a credit card and take it away from them. Audit their spending and charge them for personal expenses. Lastly, take away every vehicle that someone thinks they’re important enough to have and sell it. Pay them 45 cents a mile like most other people get. – Wynne Ritch Granada Hills Taking a stand Re “Deal misses DWP pay level” (Oct. 2): How long is it going to take Angelenos to realize we are being held hostage and the ransom is enormous? First, the DWP, whose equipment should have been replaced decades ago, gives their employees outrageous salaries. They are going to raise our rates, which the council will happily approve. On top of that, other city employees are demanding equally inflated salaries. Even if all demands are met, many bond issues will be on the ballot and the council will find ways to raise our property taxes. We live within our budget; why is it inconceivable to expect the city to do as well? If we don’t take a stand, the only change will be for more abuses. It is up to us. – Geraldine Thompson Los Angeles County seal Re “County seal issue may go to top court” (Oct. 3): In 1957, the Los Angeles County supervisors passed a decree requiring all county residents of the Muslim faith to affix a Christian cross to documents allowing them to own property. That same day, Jews who opened a new business found themselves having to stamp a cross on their fictitious business name statement. Hindu couples needed a symbol of Christianity on their marriage license. This un-American act was finally corrected in 2004. The Thomas More Law Center’s contortion of the Constitution is pathetic. I only hope they reimburse the taxpayers for their shameful and frivolous suit. – Martin Korn Valley Glen Traffic-light cameras Re “Red light, green light” (Our Opinions, Oct. 10): Another reality of not being able to ticket red-light runners caught on cameras is that license plates are required to make the system work. In our neighborhood, we have a family that ignores the motor vehicle code, which requires license plates on every vehicle. They have four expensive vehicles. Only one has plates (which were on them when they obtained it). The other three only have the “dealers ads” in place of the plates. The first was obtained new about three years ago, the second was obtained new about two years ago and the third was obtained about three months ago. Law enforcement needs to be more observant. Cameras or witnesses will never be able to supply the necessary license numbers if needed. – John Whitmore West Hills Keating obituary Re “Veteran of Irish war for freedom” (Obituary, Oct. 5): I was appalled to read a glowing obituary of Dan Keating, who was a radical member of a terrorist organization – the Irish Republican Army. Painting a glorified remembrance of a radical terrorist who died at the age of 105 is a complete act of disrespect to all of the victims of the terror campaigns and organizations that this criminal participated in. There is a moral and intellectual bankruptcy around attempting a moral equivalence around “one person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter.” Featuring an obituary of an old Irish terrorist who embraced the bloodiest and most radical of the Irish terrorist organizations is irresponsible and clearly not newsworthy. Just as we didn’t highlight and praise the convictions and actions of Zarqawi when he was killed, we should not honor this terrorist. – Ron Mechsner Stevenson Ranch160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img