Ottawa Refuses to Guarantee Offshore Revenues to Province

first_imgThe Nova Scotia government is upset that the federal governmentis refusing to guarantee Nova Scotia the full benefits of theprovince’s offshore revenues, Energy Minister Cecil Clarke saidtoday, June 25. In a letter to Premier John Hamm dated June 17, 2004, PrimeMinister Paul Martin committed only to hold more discussions withthe province on offshore revenues. This month marks the secondanniversary of discussions on the Canada-Nova Scotia OffshoreAccord between Natural Resources Canada and the Nova Scotiagovernment. Senior federal officials have refused to take anyNova Scotia proposal to the federal cabinet until after theelection. While the accord states that Nova Scotia is to be the principalbeneficiary of its offshore resources, Nova Scotia will onlyreceive 19 cents out of every dollar produced by the offshore. “The time for talk has long since passed. It’s been two years,without any action from Ottawa and Nova Scotians deserve betterfrom the prime minister than another promise of morediscussions,” said Mr. Clarke. “The prime minister has outrightrefused to guarantee in writing that Nova Scotia will receive 100per cent of our offshore revenues.” Premier Hamm launched the Campaign for Fairness in January 2001to convince the federal government to honour the commitments itmade to Nova Scotians in the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Accord.Last week, Canadian Chamber of Commerce president Nancy HughesAnthony recognized Premier Hamm as one of the country’s leadingadvocates for new federal-provincial offshore revenuearrangements. “When it comes to provinces being the principal beneficiaries ofthe offshore, there is no difference between the federalagreements with Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador,” addedMr. Clarke.last_img