El Othmani Pledges New Strategy Dedicated to Youth Development

Rabat – El Othmani has said that his cabinet will introduce a new development strategy dedicated to Morocco’s youth and employment challenges. The head of government appears to have taken good notes during King Mohammed VI’s speech Monday, August 20, on the 65th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People, which focused on youth and Morocco’s development.In a statement to Le36, Saad Eddine El Othmani said that he will convene his team in the “coming days” for a meeting to make final decisions on strategy in response to King Mohammed VI’s expectations. El Othmani aims to meet the expectations of Morocco’s youth and to curb unemployment in the country.The head of government also welcomed the guidelines introduced by King Mohammed VI to empower the young people of Morocco.“We have a heavy responsibility to young people and each and every one of us has to take this responsibility.  By everyone, I mean the cabinet, political parties, unions and civil society,” said El Othmani.He added that the government “must act now and work tirelessly to carry out these projects on which the sovereign has insisted very much.”The head of government, who is also the secretary general of the ruling Justice and Development Party (PJD), promised that his party “will engage in the rapid implementation of these reforms.”In his recent speech, the King renewed his call for the government to increase efforts to tackle social disparities and to introduce reforms that would revive education, administration, and other sectors.He also ordered the cabinet to devise an “integrated strategy” to improve education and training in Moroccan universities and vocational schools and create an attractive work environment for foreign-educated Moroccan youth to return home.The King also described the youth of Morocco as “the country’s true wealth” promising them that the country seeks to “rise to the challenge of completing the construction of modern Morocco; a revolution through which we aim to give Moroccans the place they deserve in life, especially our young people.”