New Waste Collection Measures Coming to Casablanca

Rabat – In February 2019, Lebanese global waste management company Averda and French maintenance company Derichebourg won the tender to collect household waste in Casablanca. On 25 June, the new seven year contracts for waste collection will come in to force, bringing about some key changes.Under the new agreement, the city of Casablanca will pay the two companies for waste collection on an annual basis, rather than per tonnage. This ensures the city can control the budget allocated to waste management.  From now on, waste collection in Casablanca will occur exclusively at night, between 10pm and 6am, preventing traffic congestion from garbage trucks, and facilitating the work of waste collectors.All waste collection and cleaning vehicles will be fitted with GPS devices, to track progress of work. Waste containers will be fitted with electronic chips, preventing theft.Read also: Morocco to Build 19 New Waste Disposal Centers by the End of the YearThe contracts require the two companies to immediately clean any waste that falls onto the street from their vehicles. No waste must be left on the street after the vehicles have cleaned the area. The contracts also require the companies to set up bins in public places, and to empty these bins on a regular basis.While the city of Casablanca is clearly making efforts to clean the streets, it has not yet resolved the issue of waste management.The waste currently goes to the infamous open air Mediouna landfill, where piles of rubbish up to 42 meters high are causing serious environmental and social problems for the area.