Morocco Seizes 6 Tons of Cannabis Resin in Southern Morocco

Rabat – Police seized  6.4 tons of cannabis resin in Guelmim in southern Morocco on Monday, September 30.Police seized 3.1 tons of cannabis resign during a search operation of a truck at the entrance of the city of Guelmim, the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) said in a statement.The security services arrested the driver of the truck in addition to three other suspects on board of two 4×4 vehicles not far from the scene. Other search operations at a warehouse in the region of Taghjijt, 80 kilometers from Tata in southern Morocco, enabled security services to seize 3.3 tons of cannabis resin on the same day.Police put the suspects in custody while the investigation is ongoing to arrest other possible accomplices involved in drug trafficking.The operation is part of Morocco’s crackdown operations on drug trafficking and smuggling. A report from Moroccan customs said in May that security services seized 19.2 tons of cannabis resin in 2018, 14.7 tons fewer than the number of cannabis resin seized in 2017 (33.7 tons).In the past weeks and moths, Moroccan police have carried out a series of crackdowns on drug trafficking. On September 24, the police seized d 17.5 kilograms of cannabis resin at the crossing point of Ceuta.Two other important operations for security services took place on September 17, when they seized two tons of cannabis resin in Laayoune and two others in Asilah, northern Morocco.On September 19, the wali (governor) of the Moroccan judicial police, Mohamed Dkhisi, said that police arrested 420,348 people on charges of drug trafficking from January 1 to September 15.“There was a similar increase in the number of people arrested [for trafficking drugs] by 50 percent, with 94,010 people arrested, including 308 foreigners, while 62,839 people were arrested in the same period last year,” he said.