RIM to cut 2000 jobs but adds 7 with JayCut acquisition

first_imgAlmost a month ago, RIM announced that it would be making some staff cutbacks in the near future. No specific numbers were given, and the timetable was left as a somewhat-vague “beginning in the second quarter.” Now the company has clarified the breadth of the layoffs: 2,000 employees — roughly 11% of RIM’s total workforce — will be let go.The news shouldn’t come as a complete surprise, with the embattled company in the hot seat for its lackluster BlackBerry PlayBook sales and continuing loss of mobile market share to iOS and Android. RIM, once heralded as an innovator, is now being scolded for resting on its laurels.AdChoices广告But while RIM is scaling back the size of its team, the company isn’t shying away from acquisitions. RIM has just acquired JayCut, which develops the leading cloud-based video editing app. The company is understandably excited about the JayCut purchase, saying it’s a perfect fit for the PlayBook’s high-quality cameras, HDMI output, and capable internal video processing hardware. I can’t help but think that a JayCut-powered video app for the PlayBook is also the kind of thing that the tablet should have launched with.RIM has made several other acquisitions to help smooth out rough edges on the PlayBook, including Tungle, and The Astonishing Tribe. Nevertheless, the additions have made a minimal impact thus far and the PlayBook continues to struggle against competition like the iPad and Android tablets like the Xoom and Galaxy Tab. Now, RIM’s enterprise ambitions for the PlayBook are even facing a challenge in the form of the HP TouchPad — though at least RIM still has that lone NIST cert it can hang its hat on.More at The Globe and Maillast_img