RIM CEO admits company pondered Android switch

first_imgRIM CEO Thorsten Heins recently confirmed something industry experts had suspected for some time: that the company seriously considered using Android to power future BlackBerry devices.Ultimately, of course, RIM decided to stay the course with its own OS and push ahead with development of the QNX-powered BlackBerry 10. Heins echoed what many in the business have said about Android in the past — that it has become increasingly difficult for manufacturers to deliver unique hardware.Heins also noted that RIM’s mission is to help users really get down to business, and to do more in less time. To him, leaving BlackBerry software for Android would water down that message — and no doubt alienate RIM’s devoted fans.It’s also all but certain that RIM doesn’t have the resources or manpower to develop a completely new BlackBerry experience based on Android at this point in time. The QNX acquisition has been a done deal for some time, and it’s already proven a capable foundation for RIM products like the BlackBerry Playbook. It’s best then, they reasoned, for the company to stick to its guns.This is the second bombshell to come out of Heins’ interviews in the recent past. The first, of course, was that RIM is still taking a long, hard look at licensing BlackBerry OS to other manufacturers. That decision was prompted by RIM’s board, though its not one that seems likely to work. The BlackBerry platform has been steadily losing developer and consumer mindshare for quite some time, after all.It’s possible that a manufacturer like ZTE or Huawei that’s looking for a way to further grow its market share could take a flyer on BlackBerry, but RIM will have to prove that the new OS really is going to blow consumers away.via BGRlast_img