Borderlands Legends for iOS detailed

first_imgIf Borderlands on PC and console isn’t enough for you and you want to do some vault hunting on the go, Borderlands Legends is arriving soon to make that possible.The game is coming to iOS devices and includes the original four vault hunters, Mordecai, Roland, Lilith and Brick. It’s not at all like replaying the original Borderlands though, uniquely it’s a top down shooter where you control all four characters at once. This makes the game a much more strategic affair while offering you the ability to unleash powerful attacks that use all four vault hunters.Borderlands Legends is similar to the original game in the fact you’ll take down well-known enemies such as skags, bandits, crimson lance soldiers, and spiderants, and you’ll still get to level up your character’s powers. The skill trees aren’t as big, but all the characters still have their original powers.Although there aren’t many gameplay details available at the moment, apparently leveling will be unlimited, there will still be boss battles, and mission objectives are randomized.There’s a cover system in Legends too, which is a first for the Borderlands series. Marcus’ vending machines are scattered everywhere just like in the console games so you can purchase weapons, shields, and ammo, but of course looting is always the way to go.The classic Borderlands graphics and HUD system are carried over to the iPad and iPhone well, as seen from the screenshots above. Borderlands player will feel right at home.Borderlands Legends comes out on iOS devices on October 31 for $4.99 on iPhone and $6.99 for iPad. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be coming out for Android devices, at least not any time soon, but for many iOS owners it’s a much better Halloween present than candy.via Entertainment Weeklylast_img