Google Is Partnering With Raspberry Pi to Create Artificial Intelligence

first_imgStay on target Lyra Is a Handheld Gaming System Powered by a Raspberry PiRaspberry Pi Used to Steal 500 MB of NASA Data Raspberry Pi has sold over 10 million units, making it the most successful British computer ever, according to Wired. Thanks to its ridiculous popularity and all of the intelligent things people have done with it, it’s going to be able to broach a new frontier: artificial intelligence.Raspberry Pi is joining the forces of its proprietary machine learning, artificial intelligence, and additional tools to create something new going forward, according to the official website.A post on the Pi’s site states that “Goole is going to arrive in style in 2017” and mentions that the “tech titan” has a lot of plans going forward for the community with “a range of AI and machine learning services ready to roll.”The post explains that the Pi community is going to be given brand new tools to help enhance what the Pi can already do, and as such is offering a survey to users to determine better what could help users out more. Other than these plans, however, Google and Pi are rather quiet about what all this could entail.Raspberry Pi isn’t a stranger to introducing new concepts and ideas, however having launched the operating system Pixel that can be launched as a new OS for those looking to revitalize their old laptops and allow anyone who’s interested in developing software code even if they don’t have a Pi at their disposal.It’s certainly an exciting time for anyone interested in the Raspberry Pi infrastructure, especially with Google wrapping up some big plans for the computer and those looking to create for it. The applications for virtual reality are positively limitless, so with the help of Google and all it has at its disposal, we’ll no doubt be seeing some interesting creations coming down the pipeline soon.last_img