HandsOn Detroit Become Human Isnt for the Faint of Heart

first_img Famous Bad Video Game Studio Quantic Dream No Longer Sony ExclusiveHow Shenmue Paved the Way for Modern Gaming Stay on target I’ve been a fan of Quantic Dreams ever since I played Heavy Rain on PlayStation 3. Naturally, I’m excited about the team’s upcoming project — Detroit: Become Human. I had no expectation of playing the game anytime soon. To my surprise, it was available to play at this year’s PlayStation Experience. Though my time with it was brief, I can already tell Detroit is going to be something special.The demo I played had two scenarios where you played as different androids. The first was the hostage negotiation seen during PSX. The other is the controversial domestic abuse scenario from Paris Games Week. Many of the folks in the media lounge played the latter, so I decided to try the hostage negotiation. While I knew this scenario’s major beats based off the trailer, I wanted to see if I could change things. After all, player choice is what Quantic Dreams titles are all about.The demo began with a SWAT team taking aiming positions inside of a lavish apartment. A rogue android has taken a young girl hostage after murdering her father. The player character, Connor, is brought in to diffuse the volatile situation. Since he is also an android, Connor is met with suspicion and contempt from the human officers. The girl’s mother certainly wasn’t happy that her daughter’s life depended on an android hostage negotiator. Connor paid little attention to others’ biases towards androids and proceeded to investigate the crime scene.Like previous Quantic Dreams games, players can interact with a number of objects. Since my character is an investigator, he took clues discovered at the scene to form a picture of what transpired. This reminded me of Heavy Rain where players could perform the same function with the in-game augmented reality technology.I searched through the kitchen and bedrooms and figured out what happened. Apparently, the family was going to replace their android with another one. After discovering this, he lashed out by killing the husband and kidnapping his daughter. I made my way to the balcony and attempt to end the situation as peacefully as possible.Since I knew the android’s motivations, I acted sympathetic. Upon his request, I asked the helicopter circling above to leave. Things were going great until I refused to let him keep the girl as a hostage so he could leave the city. When he prepared to shoot the girl, I ran at full speed and pushed him off the balcony. Falling over the side myself, I shoved the girl back toward the balcony to safety. As I descended to my death, I was met with a “Mission Successful” screen. I died, but saved the girl.The outcome shocked some of my colleagues. They played the same scenario behind closed doors during E3 and got a different ending. You may recall that during the PSX presentation, Connor saved the girl by shooting the rogue android. I even saw another writer completely mess everything up, with both the rogue android and girl falling off the balcony. The game actually shows you a branch of possibilities after you complete or fail a scenario. It wants you to know there are many divergent paths to take.I didn’t actually play the domestic abuse scenario because I saw so many others play it while I waited for my turn to play. Even though I just spectated, it was a pretty powerful scene to witness. In this scenario, you play an android named Kara who is a housemaid. Highly intoxicated, the father of the household decides to take his aggression out on his young daughter. He tells Kara not to interfere, and threatens to “mess her up” like he did their previous android. He orders Kara to stay put as he drunkenly makes his way upstairs to his girl’s room. At first Kara is unable to move, but she eventually manages to override her programming.One outcome has Kara finding a gun in the father’s bedroom drawer and shooting him to death. Kara and the girl then leave the home and board a bus. In another instance, the father kills both his daughter and Kara. This scenario is already controversial and will no doubt spur more controversy when the game is released. Personally speaking, I’m glad Quantic Dreams is pushing the envelope by having such a gripping scene in the game. I actually personally thanked co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière for not caving to critics and keeping the scene in there.Quantic Dream games (particularly on PS3) are still some of the most visually impressive titles out there. As great as those games look, Detroit blows them away visually. Since it isn’t a massive open world, the developers are able to pour extra detail into every scene. At certain points, it felt as if I was controlling a high-quality CG movie. The realistic graphics certainly help give more weight to the drama unfolding. This is a game PS4 owners will use to showcase the power of their system (and their 4K TVs). It is absolutely stunning.The PS4’s 2018 lineup is looking strong with God of War, Spider-Man, Shadow of the Colossus, and Days Gone. Detroit: Become Human is a different beast than those titles since it focuses more on character interactions than full-blown action. With that said, it will likely stand as one of the more engaging and thrilling titles of the year given its deep subject matter. Love it or hate it, Quantic Dream always makes games worth talking about and Detroit will be no different.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img