Nintendo proves Mario Kart 200cc speed class is insanely fast

first_imgAt the beginning of April Nintendo made a surprise announcement regarding Mario Kart 8. As a way of celebrating the forthcoming second DLC pack release, a new 200cc class was being added to the game for free, meaning everyone who owns a copy has all the cups to play over again, only faster.At the time we got a trailer showing the new 200cc class in action. However, there was nothing comparing it to the old fastest class: 150cc. Today Nintendo fixed that by releasing another trailer demonstrating just how insanely fast 200cc is. Below is that video, which has the 150cc version of the Piranha Plant Pipeway track side-by-side with the new 200cc version.As you can see, the 200cc karts complete a lap much more quickly. I timed it as 11 seconds faster, and it looks quite difficult to pick your breaking and drifting points. But that’s great news as it means the game is challenging all over again for those who have 100-percented the existing version.The second Mario Kart 8 DLC pack is Animal Crossing-themed and arrives on April 23. On the same day the 200cc speed class update will be made available for free, so even if you don’t want the new characters, vehicles, and tracks, you’ll still have new content to play technically.The feedback this new 200c class has garnered is so positive Nintendo will have to repeat it for future Mario Kart games. Maybe the next one will ship with the new class included, but I think unlocking it later in the game’s lifetime works much better for Nintendo, especially when combined with new content packs.last_img