Forza 6 adds microtransactions that cost up to 9999

first_imgRemember when you used to be able to go into a store, pick up a game off the shelf, pay for it, and you didn’t need to spend anymore money to enjoy the whole experience? Those days are disappearing fast, and in the case of some games have gone completely with the growing popularity of DLC. Next up for premium game releases looks to be the addition of microtransactions, even long after release.The latest game to add microtransactions is Forza Motorsport 6 on Xbox One. Rather than playing the game to unlock new cars and upgrades, developer Turn 10 Studios will now allow you to quickly unlock anything you want using tokens. Tokens that cost money.These tokens are offered in packs of between 100 and 20,000, with the purchase price breaking down as follows:100 Tokens – $0.99325 Tokens – $2.99575 Tokens – $4.991,250 Tokens – $9.992,700 Tokens – $19.998,000 Tokens – $49.9920,000 Tokens – $99.99Turn 10’s content director Bill Wendl stated before the launch of Forza 6 that microtransactions would not feature in the game because they caused friction. This was a reaction to Forza 5’s microtransactions not being very well received because some of the content unlocks were very difficult to get, meaning spending to get them was encouraged.Wendl said the only way microtransactions would be added to Forza 6 is if players asked for them. So are players asking for microtransactions? I find that very hard to believe. When do gamers demand that a payment feature be added to a game they’ve already purchased?It seems much more likely Turn 10’s management is looking for a new stream of revenue, and this is a very easy update to make. I just hope gamers don’t buy these tokens, because if they do, they’ll just become a more regular feature of new games, even the ones that cost $60.last_img