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produced and directed by a black man,He recalled his first thought: "Where?"Where was it and how soon could he get it into a labEven today in an age of science it might appear to many people to be a two-headed sea monsterKompanje knew better though the truth was no less astounding He was looking at photos of two conjoined harbor porpoises newborns sharing a single body a rarity among rarities in all the oceans in the world"There are only nine cases known until now" of conjoined twins among cetaceans said Kompanje who has studied dolphins whales and porpoises for 20 years "Even normal twinning is rare; there’s no room in the womb of the mother for harboring more than one baby"And the few specimens that had been found were usually undeveloped fetuses like the "double monster" – one head and two bodies – found in the womb of a dolphin caught by herders off the coast of Japan in 1970 In 2001 a bottlenose dolphin calf with two beaks was caught in the Mediterranean sea but it was partially decomposed And these are among the better-documented casesThe photos Kompanje found himself staring at in shock showed a specimen that – while obviously dead – looked to be in perfect conditionThe brothers (for he could tell they were male) must have just been born he reasoned for the dorsal fin had not yet risen And tiny hairs lost soon after birth could be seen on the two faces above the fin"I think it was born alive" Kompanje saidThe brothers couldn’t have survived long They would have either drowned as two brains told one body to swim different ways or simply succumbed to their single heart’s failure to pump enough bloodBut whatever happened in their short life they had by pure luck found their way into a fishing net before nature destroyed their body’s value to scienceFor a researcher hungry for any morsel of information about man’s aquatic mammalian cousins it was a one-in-a-billion discovery So Kompanje got the boss of the fishing crew on the phone who was helpful – providing the exact coordinates and details of the catchThe possibilities expanded in the researcher’s mind Kompanje had been planning an MRI for the porpoises A CT scan 3-D imaging And then when the research was completed the brothers might be preserved forever in a museumAnd just then on the phone with the trawler boss he learned the true end of this strange tale"They thought it was illegal to collect it" Kompanje said "They made four photographs and threw it back into the sea Back into oblivion"In that expanse of square miles of deep water there was no hope of finding it againKompanje did what he could with what evidence that chance had preserved The fishermen’s photos from the boat were good enough to co-author a paper with other marine researchers which was published this month and said what there was to say about the porpoisesBut Kompanje has no illusions He does not expect to see anything like it again in his lifetime"For a cetologist" he said "this a real horror" and with two heads. The Observatory, Ahrendts compensation arrangement at Burberry and the amounts that she was expected to receive in future years. are benchmarks for proficiency in English and math. ESA scientists worked with Chinese colleagues on the Geospace Double Star Exploration Program,That move would not have won approval in the House, the Peoples Democratic Party,” The European Union had also called for the monk’s release.

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